Downloading the alphabroder price list

Important: The alphabroder downloadable price list includes most, but not all, of the items available for purchase on their website.  According to alphabroder, your user login for their website determines the version of the price list file that will be downloaded to your website and there could be “many reasons” why an item is not included in the list.  When searching for items on the Choose Item Page, you will only be able to find the items that are actually in your version of the price list. Alphabroder recommends contacting your alphabroder sales representative for a fuller understanding of why items listed on their website may be missing from the downloadable pricing file that is available to you.


To download the alphabroder price list,


1. Select Download Price Lists from the Marketing Engine | Catalogs menu option.


2.On the Price Lists page, click Download the most current alphabroder price lists.


3.On the Downloadable Excels and PDFs page, select Main Catalog, Wholesale, Excel, and click Submit.


4. Once the download process completes, you can close out of the alphabroder website.


Important: Do not open the price list file, just wait until it has finished downloading before clicking the Finish button on the Fast Accurate Bids Update Supplier Pricing dialog box.

Step 1: "Main Catalog"

Step 2: "Wholesale"

Step 3: "Excel"



Step by Step updating the alphabroder price list

Click on "Update Supplier Prices" button

From the drop down menu, click on "alphabroder"

Click on "Update Supplier Prices"

Click on "Continue"

This will take you to the alphabroder website

Log into the alphabroder website

Under the "Marketing" header, under the "Catalogs" area, click on the "Download Price Lists"

Click on the "Download Price Lists"

This will take you to the "Download a Price List" page,

click on "Download the most current alphabroder price lists"

From the drop down menus, pick "Main Catalog" AND "Wholesale" AND "Excel" followed by "Submit"

"Main Catalog"




"Excel" followed



Click "Save" if prompted, but the file may download automatically.

After the file is finished downloading do NOT click "Open" "Open Folder" or "View downloads"




Click "Finish Update"

Updating process will show on screen, please wait till program says "Update of the supplier file is complete"

Please wait. When program shows "Update of the supplier file is complete", click "OK"

Note the "Prices file last updated 0 days ago, showing the update worked.