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Selecting an item from the Choose Item Page

Clicking the Choose Item button on the Design and Pricing Page opens the Choose Item Page. To begin the item selection process, make sure the field Select Supplier displays the correct supplier for the item you want, enter a search string for the item you want in the field Find Item, and then click one of the two Search button. This brings information from the supplier’s pricing file into the Choose Item Page. Select the item you want, and click the Send to Design and Pricing button.

Things to Note

• When looking up items by clicking the Search Style Column button, Fast Accurate Bids displays only the results for the specific style in the Find Item field in the list on the Choose Item Page.

• To bring the supplier’s full pricing file in the Choose Item Page, enter the search term ALL in the Find Item field and then click Search Style Column. (Using ALL works for all the suppliers except SanMar.)

• Looking up items by clicking the Search All Columns button displays all the items in the supplier’s price file that contain the search string in the columns Description, Color, Size, or Style. For example, if you search SanMar for Tshirt, you will see results for all the SanMar Tshirts but also all the Sweatshirts because the word Sweatshirts contains the string tshirts within it.

• The number of items returned by a search may appear overwhelming at first. Just choose a representative size and color for the line item for your bid. For example, if the customer wants a bid on white 5250 T-shirts in an assortment of sizes, select a white 5250 for any of the regular sizes.


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