Customizing Bids

The Line Items Page bid layout can easily be changed to meet your client's needs.


Move rows up and down, hide columns, move columns, add descriptions, and many more features.

Customizing the Line Item List is as easy as RIGHT CLICKING the column to hide it or move the rows.

And to move the columns, just LEFT CLICK the header and DRAG the column to where you want it.

And to hide the columns, just RIGHT CLICK the header and click the HIDE columns

Direct items can be added to the list with the "Add Direct item" button

Samples of Customized Bids

One bid many looks. The goal of a good bid is to make it easy to understand by your customers.

Same bid with unused columns hidden, to make the bid easer to read.

Same bid with light blue and black shirts, and descriptions added to make the bid easier for the end client.