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The Design and Pricing Page is your main workspace for creating bids.  This is the page where you enter the customer information, the decoration tasks, and the pricing adjustments. It provides you with quick access to the Choose Item Page for selecting the items for decoration and allows you to quickly send finished line item information to the Line Items Page.


Fast Accurate Bids is designed to create quotes on a line item by line item basis.  For example, if a customer wants a bid for a two-color image on quantities of 50 and 100 shirts, you would enter the information for the first line item of 50 shirts on the Design and Pricing page, send it to the Line Items Page, then return to the Design and Pricing Page and change the quantity to 100 and send the second line to the line items page.

You can fill out the information on this page in any order that you want depending the way that you most like to create your bids.  For example, you only need to enter the customer information once and can do so at any time before finishing by sending the bid to Word.


The amount that is charged for the choices you make on this page is controlled by the currently selected pricing profile. It's important to check the Choose Profile field to make sure that you are using the pricing profile you want for the bid.

Things to Note

•         If you do not see the Show Settings button, it means that your shop owner has set up a password for Fast Accurate Bids and you are using the program in user mode.  You can switch to Owner mode by entering your password into the Enter Password field on the Design and Pricing Page and then pressing the Tab key.

•         In User Mode the Show Pricing Analysis button is also removed from the Design and Pricing Page


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