Embroidery Bids

Here is a typical embroidery bid, with jackets, digitizing front and back and embroidery charges front and back, with poly-bagging

There is a unit price with all charges and a total project charge with and without taxes.

Here is the same bid customized on the Line Items Page, to make it easier for the client to read the bid

Fast Accurate Bids for Embroidery comes with several pricing profiles that specify the charges, markups, and other variable settings for the program. For example, three of the pricing profiles that come with the software are


  • Embroidery 1 Head  Lower
  • Embroidery 1 Head  Middle
  • Embroidery 1 Head Higher


There are analogous pricing profiles for  6-head embroidery machines. The pricing profile settings are based on recommendations by industry expert, Deborah Jones.

You cannot edit the settings for the built-in pricing profiles. These profiles get updated and replaced each time that Fast Accurate Bids for Embroidery issues a new release.


If you’re new to the embroidery business and uncertain about what to charge, you can start immediately by using the built-in pricing profiles. For example, if you have a 1-head embroidery machine, consider using Emb 1-Head 2 Middle Bid as your default pricing profile, and switch to Emb 1-Head 1 Low Bid for highly competitive bids, and switch to Emb 1-Head 3 High Bid when working on jobs for which customers are willing to pay more to get exactly what they need.


If you’re a seasoned embroidery business owner and want to customize the pricing for your particular business, the only thing you need to do is save the built-in pricing profiles you find useful to a different name and then make the changes you want. Creating your own set of pricing profiles will let you to generate bids that accurately reflect your current business model and pricing. This means that the bids you create will be accurate, consistent, and repeatable.


Here is an example of a customer's request for a bid


  • 24 Chestnut Brown J754 jackets (Port Authority Challenger Jacket. J754)
  • A 6,000 stitch embroidery on the front
  • A 15,000 stitch embroidery on the back
  • Individually bagged


He asked you to separate out the costs for digitizing the images for the front and back embroidery so that he will know what the cost for just the embroidery will be on future reorders.