Price Lists & Custom Bids by fast accurate bids

Screen printing Price Lists

Create Price Lists that are based on your pricing structure, with any item, and any item cost.

When it's time to update your price list, just change the item, the item cost and/or the pricing profile used.

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Custom Bids

Bids, Quotes and Estimates!

Screen Printing, Embroidery, or any Apparel Decoration. Using your pricing profiles, and using any item with any cost. Set the pricing you want to charge, be competitive and get the jobs.

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Fast Accurate Bids is a Windows based Price List and Bidding software program.

Only $495.00 with no monthly fees and free technical support. See our wonderful reviews.

Pricing Profiles. The Power of Fast accurate bids.

Creating price lists and Custom bids

with the right prices for your diverse customer types.

built-in pricing

retail customers

special customers


Use one of the 5 built-in pricing profiles. From a low price to the customer to a premium pricing structure.

Creating a Pricing Profile for you standard customer from one of the built-in Pricing Profiles is easy.

From your Standard pricing structure, you can easily update the profile's pricing structure to give discounts to schools, churches, and non profits.

Wholesale decorations profiles can be created by just removing the Commission from your pricing profile, they are your salespeople.

Deliverables you get From

Fast Accurate Bids

  • Price Lists in printable format.
  • Customized Bids in printable format.
  • Price Lists and Bids exported to Excel
  • Price Lists and Bids sent to the Windows Clipboard.

Price Lists

  • Create screen printing price lists using your pricing structure.
  • Price lists can be made with items from the built-in supplier connectors or use any item from any supplier.
  • Updating price lists is as easy as changing the pricing profile and/or changing the item and/or changing the item cost.

Pricing Profiles

  • Users can easily create and use different pricing profiles.
  • Match pricing to different types of customers, giving different pricing to each type of customer.
  • Examples of customer types; retail (off the street), special customer (schools, churches), and wholesale customers.
  • Updating your price structures can be almost instantaneously, change settings in the Pricing Profiles on the Settings Page and you can raise or lower your prices right away.

Built-in Supplier Prices and Any Item Can Be Used in Price Lists and Bids


  • Creates bids for screen printing, embroidery, DTG and other apparel decoration.
  • Quick enough to create bids while customers are on the phone.
  • Create bids with different numbers of items and types of items, different types of decorations including mixed decorations, and all these can be in the same bid. This is a Mixed Item Bid.
  • Copy finished bids into an email, send to Excel, or send to the build-in Word template and print.
  • Bids and their information can be copied into any other computer program.
  • Shirt supplier’s prices lists are built into Fast Accurate Bids.
  • Updating the supplier prices is easy and quick from within the program.
  • SanMar, alphaborder and OTTO Cap supplier connectors are included at no charge.
  • More built-in supplier connectors to come.
  • No charge for additional connectors.
  • Any item from any supplier can be used for price lists or bids.
  • Save data and prices for items from any supplier within the program.

Fast Accurate Bids is only $495. With a 30-Day Free Trial.

No monthly fees and free technical support.

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