Itemized Bids

Itemized bids show the pricing for each of the components of an apparel decoration job as opposed to standard bids and mixed item bids which show inclusive pricing. For example, an itemized bid for embroidery might show the price for the undecorated garment, the digitizing, and the embroidery. Itemized bids often show both a total price per item and total price for the job.

Sample itemized bid for screen printing

Itemize the pricing for the shirts, screens, and printing the front, and printing the back.

  • 100 regular sized Black Gildan 2000 T-Shirts
  • 3-Color front
  • Screen Charges for front design
  • 2-Color back
  • Screen charges for back design

Sample itemized bid for embroidery

Separate out the costs for digitizing the images for the front and back embroidery so that he will know what the cost for just the embroidery will be on future reorders.

  • 24 Chestnut Brown J754 jackets (Port Authority Challenger Jacket. J754)
  • A 6,000 stitch embroidery on the front
  • A 15,000 stitch embroidery on the back
  • Individually bagged

Sample Itemized Bids

Here is a single item bid, as a single line item and then converted into an itemized bid.