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How To: Customize Line Item Lists

Fast Accurate Bids is designed to build customer bids on a line item by line item basis. You enter the information for the line items on the Design and Pricing Page and then click Add to Line Items List to send the information to Line Items Page.


 The Line Items Page holds the bid data until you are ready to move it to the actual finished bid.  It shows the quantities, the areas on the items to be decorated, the pricing information, and item description.

The following abbreviations are used on the line items table to designate the decoration tasks:


·         <Num>-Color indicates screen printing where <Num> is the number of colors to be printed.


·         Emb indicates embroidery.


·         Name indicates individual names.  For example, work uniforms with individual names.


·        Number indicates individual numbers. For example, athletic uniforms with individual names.


·         Name/Number indicates individual names and numbers.


·         Mixed indicates that more than one decoration technique has been chosen from the Design and Pricing Page.  For example, if you select both screen printing an embroidery for the same line item.


Additionally, when adding a line item for Other Decoration, the field label for the other decoration is carried forward to the Line Items Page.


At the top in the center of the Line Items page, Fast Accurate Bids automatically displays the customer information that you enter in the first line of the Prepared for box on the Design and Pricing Page.  If you have not provided this information, then the top of the Line Items Page is blank.

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