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Match Your Current Pricing with FAB profile pricing

One way to match your pricing with FAB is to open FAB, pick the same price item, decorate the item the same way as in the old bid, and step thru the profiles, one at a time and find the one that closely matches your current pricing.

The more old bids you compare to FAB and see which profile is the closest, that should be your stating point to use FAB or edit that profile to get even closer.

Try matching printing only, without an item cost, find the closest profile, then the items only, no decorations, find the closest profile.

If they are the same profile, great! If there is one profile that matches the printing, and a different profile that matches the item markups, you can edit one or the other profiles so the new profile has the printing from one profile and the item markups from the other.

You need to save the edited profile with a new name, the built in profiles are read only.

The Profile Settings Page, where to see and edit profiles

Another way to pick a profile is to match your past wining bids is to use this Printing Only chart,

These prices are for Printing Only, One Color One Side, No Item.

If you take your current pricing, and for 36 shirts printed one color one side, and the price for printing only is $1.60, than the 3 Middle Price Bid profile is the closest.

Match your current pricing to FAB profile pricing

Take some of your past winning bids and match what you bid with the charts here.

Match Item Cost and number of items and One Side or Two Sides with your winning bid These charts are one color only.

Example 2.00 Shirt, 24 items, one side, bid $6.50 - closest profile is 3 Middle Price Bid

Example 2.75 Shirt, 48 items, two sides, bid $8.00 - closest profile is between 3 Middle Price Bid and 4 Higher Price Bid


Example 1, you have a bid for 50 shirts that cost you 1.75 each, and you bid the job at 4.50

Looking at the 1.75 Item cost and number of items 48 is close, and price of 4.59 is close, so the “3 Middle Price Bid” is closest profile.


Example 2, you have a bid for 144 shirts that cost you 2.25 each, and you bid the job at 5.00

Looking at the 2.25 Item cost  and number of items 144 is close, and price of 5.07 is close, so the “4 Higher Price Bid” is closest profile.


The more comparisons you do the better, pick the profile that most often matches your pricing, and then edit the profile if needed.

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