Understanding the Price List Creator Page

The Price List Creator Page has three sections. At the top of the page, it displays the item and profile that you chose from the Design and Pricing Page. This is the only information that is taken from the Design and Pricing Page for generating the price list.

The middle area of the Price List Creator Page provides options for customizing your price list. How to use these options is described in the section in this manual called Customizing a Price List.


The two price list tables the Price List Creator generates are just below the Price List Options. The top table shows the prices for the item-with-printing and the bottom table shows the prices for printing-only. There’s a scroll bar that lets you move up and down from one table to the other.

At the very bottom of the Price List Creator Page, there are buttons for recalculating the pricelist and for sending the finished price list to Microsoft Word, Excel, or the Windows clipboard.


When you make any changes to the information on the Price List Creator page that requires running the Fast Accurate Bids calculation engine to recalculate the two pricing tables, the Price List Creator deactivates the Send to Clipboard, Send to Excel, and Send to Word buttons. These buttons become active again as soon as you have Fast Accurate Bids recalculate the pricing tables.


Customizing a Price List

You can customize a price list in a number of ways. These include using the Price List Options on the Price List Creator Page, directly changing the quantity and/or pricing in the price list tables, and changing the finished price list from Microsoft Word.

When you click the Recalculate button, the choices you make in the price list options fields get updated whenever you select a different item or pricing profile but otherwise are not overwritten. The price list tables, however, get completely updated with new data on clicking Recalculate. For this reason, it’s a good idea to leave editing the tables until the last step before sending your price lists to Microsoft Word.

The information that follows describes using the options on the Price List Creator Page and directly changing the quantity and/or pricing in the price list tables.

Changing the price list title and adding a subtitle

The default for the field Price List Title is taken from the current item field Description. There is no default for the field Subtitle. The subtitle is always blank when you first generate a price list.

You can change the title to whatever you want by clicking in the field Price List Title and changing the text. If you want to also add a subtitle, you can do so by clicking in the field Subtitle and entering whatever text you want.

The title and subtitle become the first two lines on the finished price list you send to Word. For example, in the screen shot that follows, the title has been edited to provide the general category of shirts (100% Cotton, 6.1oz T-Shirts) and a subtitle has been added that lets the user know that they have a choice of the specific shirt brands (Your choice of Hanes, Gildan, or Port and Company).


Changing the Profile Display Name

The default for the field Profile Display Name is taken from the pricing profile you selected for doing the price list. This information gets printed at the bottom of the Microsoft Word version of the finished profile. If you don’t want the actual name of your profile shown on the finished bid, enter the name you want in this field. For example, if you use the built-in profile 3 Middle Price Bid, consider using the profile display name 3 MPB.


Important: If you use the Fast Accurate Bids built-in pricing profiles, be sure to change the display name for the profile, since the names for the built-in pricing profiles imply the level of pricing they produce. For example, if you use 4 Higher Price Bids for creating a price list, having this appear on the bottom of your price list could create problems for you with your customers.

Changing the price list quantity breaks

The quantity breakpoint numbers are taken from the Screen Qty Breaks table for the currently selected pricing profile.


To change the breakpoints,

1. Open the Fast Accurate Bids Settings Page and choose the pricing profile that you intend to use for the price list. Tip: To have access to the Settings Page while running the Price List Creator, open the Settings Page before clicking the Create Price List button.

2. Make the changes you want to the Screen Qty Breaks table. Tip: Because Fast Accurate Bids requires the breakpoint quantiles to be in order from the lowest to the highest quantity, consider starting by setting all the quantity breakpoint quantities on this table to your highest quantity and then adding the breakpoint quantities in ascending order.


3. Save the pricing profile. The new quantity breakpoints for the pricing profile will be used for your price list.

For more information on editing pricing profiles, see the Fast Accurate Bids Shop Owner’s Manual

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