Fast Accurate Bids Price List Creator

Create Price Lists that are based on your pricing structure, with any item, and any item cost.

When it's time to update your price list, just change the item, the item cost and/or the pricing profile used.

Price Lists are created with two grids, 1) with item and screen printing and 2) with just screen printing. When sent to Word using your Word template, or sent to an Excel document or to the Windows clipboard.

Price Lists can be sent to a Word document, to the Windows clipboard and to Excel.

To Word

To the Windows Clipboard

To Excel

Typical Price List created with Fast Accurate Bids,

Here are 4 versions of the same price list, all with the same pricing profile and same item cost

Here is a 4 color price list with text added

Here is the price list changed to 6 colors and rounded to the nickel

Here is the price list with 12 colors and some cells removed, for quantities your shop may not want to print, like 12 colors on 24 shirts.

More Price List Samples

Sending the price list to Word, the top price list grid has the pricing for the item (with markup), plus screen charges, plus printing charges.

The lower price list grid is for Additional Locations, with screen charges and printing charges.

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