Pricing Profiles. The Power of Fast accurate bids.

Creating price lists and Custom bids

with the right prices for your diverse customer types.

built-in pricing

retail customers

special customers


Use one of the 5 built-in pricing profiles. From a low price to the customer to a premium pricing structure.

Creating a Pricing Profile for you standard customer from one of the built-in Pricing Profiles is easy.

From your Standard pricing structure, you can easily update the profile's pricing structure to give discounts to schools, churches, and non profits.

Wholesale decorations profiles can be created by just removing the Commission from your pricing profile, they are your salespeople.

Power of Multiple Profiles,

why have more than one profile

Fast Accurate Bids can get you the Correct Pricing for any type of client.

But there is more than one type of client. Here are a few types of customers that need their own pricing structure.


  • Retail Customers, i.e. customers that come off the street
  • Resale Customers, business that resell the shirts, but not large quantities
  • Wholesale Customers, large orders, lots of repeat business, usually supple their own items
  • Contract Decoration and Printing, you do the apparel decorating for other apparel decorators, usually supple their own items
  • Special Clients, i.e., schools, churches, any organizations you want to give discounts to.

built-in pricing

5 Built-In pricing profiles

  • Created from research based on ~50 price lists
  • Lowest to Highest prices, with about even pricing steps
  • Pick the pricing profile that closely matches your current pricing structure
  • Can be used as is ore easily edited

retail customers

Retail Customer (This should be your base profile, all other profiles are based off this one)

  • The best selling price for your business, full price.
  • Basic customer, off the street
  • Small order
  • First time customer, may never order shirts again from anyone
  • These jobs are usually the highest maintenance
  • Customers most likely have never ordered shirts before and need a lot of time making up their mind.

special customers

Schools, Churches, Civic Organizations (that you want to support)

  • Reselling shirts at their schools
  • Small to Medium size order
  • Reorders random



  • Repeat Customers
  • Supply their own items
  • Know how to work with you
  • Large orders
  • Low Profit but Steady work

estimated cost profile

Cost profile that estimates your project cost

  • Taking your standard profile and removing all markups