Oct 14, 2016 by Tracy Stearns on


Price List Creator


This tool is amazing and has saved me hours of work. The Price List Creator eliminates the back and forth with clients who want to change quantities and colors just to see how it impacts pricing. I highly recommend this tool, it is well worth the cost.



Oct 12, 2016 by David Charleson on




Having been in the commercial printing business for 26 years, and using estimating software for that field for many years. Getting into screen printing 2 years ago, I have to say that FAB is a breeze to use dollar for dollar you will not find any better. The addition of the Price List Creator just made a great product better! The support is tremendous. You cant go wrong purchasing this software.



Aug 22, 2016 by Amanda on


Awesome Software-Timesaver!


This software is both cost effective and user friendly, saving us hours in quoting products/services to our customers, allowing us to focus more on productivity and increasing our sales. Highly recommend!



Aug 22, 2016 by Jessica on


Complete Satisfaction


I have been using Fast Accurate Bids for a few years now, and absolutely love it. We use it in our shop multiple times every day, and it saves us HOURS per week. If I ever have questions or need help with the software, their support team is readily available, super friendly, and always able to assist in a very efficient manner. I'm excited to look into the new Price List Creator as well.



Aug 18, 2016 by Mike Chapman on


A Must Have NEW Option!


I have been using Fast Accurate Bids software for sometime now and have been very pleased and impressed with the functionality of the software and in its ability to do both simple and complex quotes in record time.I have used other estimating software in the past that was very bulky and slow to function. Often times spending more time trying to understand it rather than using it. This is where Fast Accurate Bids comes shining through once again with it’s new program plugin called The Price List Creator.This is a very nice new application software that allows you to create a price list in record time and actually allows you the ability to modify your information in a very controlled way. You can either edit or eliminate almost any information field and by doing so allows you to print out a price list in just the fashion that you find functional for your business operation, and the nice thing is that if you find Fast Accurate Bids, the estimating software, very easy to use then you will love this new plug in software as Ido, it also is very easy to use.I consider this a “Must Have” plugin for the Fast Accurate Bids software user. No question!



Aug 18, 2016 by Frank Gonzalez on


Time Saving and User Friendly!


Love it! In our business, time is money and Price List Creator saves the time of having to calculate prices for clients, which in turn makes us $$$. Great Job and Thank You to the crew at Fast Accurate Bids for this great addition.



Aug 18, 2016 by Aaron Higgins on


Great Addition!


This is a great addition to the Fast Accurate Bids software! It is very easy to use to create price lists. I have run several price lists and laminated them to have at the front counter of my shop.



Apr 6, 2016 by Gwen Wolfe on



Fast Accurate Bids makes my life so much simpler! It's easy. We can create a quote in less than a minute. It's been a lifesaver because it takes all the guessing out of customer bids.



Feb 26, 2016 by David Wanja on



We here at BEST are so thrilled to have Fast Accurate Bids in our business. When we want to create a true proper bid for a client, there is no better way or better program to complete this process. In the time that it takes to input the customer information, we have a completed sale. Not buying sooner is our only regret. We love it!



Nov 13, 2015 by John B. on


Best Cost Analysis Available


I have been using Fast Accurate Bids for three years. Simple instructions / Powerful results.


Nov 4, 2015 by Jason Boesel on



We just want to say a big thanks to the developers of Fast Accurate Bids. Not only have they perfected the precision pricing guide for the decorated apparel industry, but they have made it completely simple and easy for anyone to use. On top of that, they have complete technical support that is second to none. This software is a must have.



May 15, 2015 by Mary Welker on



We appreciate the time and effort you have put into a product to simplify our lives and save valuable time that we can now spend doing sales or production. You've worked hard to make it very user friendly. I love plug and play. Just plug in the options you need and out comes a number, gives consistency and I don't forget to account for things like extra run charges for additional colors when I'm tired and in a hurry.



Apr 2, 2015 by MIchael Chapman on



Fast Accurate Bids is a winner.


The program is simple to setup, learn and use yet packs some serious horsepower. It fills in the gaps the other more expensive programs seem to miss. If you find yourself spending too much time preparing normal and complicated estimates and spending non-stop time trying to keep your supplier price information up to date perhaps you need to give this program a serious look. Based on dollar to dollar value for the price of this program and what it can do I think it far out shines the competition hands down. I would recommend this program to any shop that is serious about accurate pricing and assuring that a profit is made on each job.



Mar 3, 2015 by Bryan Quebodeaux on



I've tried many different pricing packages for the t-shirt and embroidery business over the last 20 years. Hands down....this is the best!



Oct 27, 2014 by Aaron Higgins on



Great Program!!


After using the trial of this software, and others actually, I chose to purchase Fast Accurate Bids. Its by far one of the easiest I've tested and is super fast at creating the bids! I wish I would have purchased years ago! Thank you for a great product and support!!



Oct 8, 2014 by Ray E Marlar on





Good support after the sale



Oct 7, 2014 by Michelle Bradley on



Great Product.


It makes bidding fast, easy and fair. Customizable for your market. Takes in account all aspects of the job. Don't know what I would do without it. Helps make newbies like me more confident that your bids are accurate. Love the great tech support too.



Sep 24, 2014 by Bernie Vos on



I'm usually doing five things at once and used to worry a lot about making pricing mistakes. Thanks for the peace of mind and for saving me a ton of time. The software works great.



Sep 24, 2014 by Tammy LeMieux on



I have bid jobs as I normally would and then did the same in your program and come out within pennies to a couple of dollars most of the time.


Really like the back end features and having control of upcharges/discounts. Thanks for creating such a great tool!!!


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