Free Screen Printing Pricing Spreadsheet

Here’s a link for the free screen printing spreadsheet that our sister company, Bellingham Screen Printing, used to use for customer bids.

Does the spreadsheet work for creating screen printing bids? Yes, absolutely. It works great for screen printing bids. Can’t do embroidery bids, but it does screen printing bids great.


Does it come with documentation? Nope. If you’d like to use it, you need to have enough experience and skill with Microsoft Excel to use it on your own without assistance. Don’t even ask. We just want to share it with anyone who wants a ready made spreadsheet for screen printing bids.

Why is it free?

We want to share our spreadsheet with the screen printing community in case you want to compare it to your current spreadsheet to see if you like ours better, or want to incorporate any ideas from it into what you use now.

Also, to give full disclosure here, we want tell you why you’d be way better off buying and using Fast Accurate Bids than you would be downloading our free spreadsheet and using it, or continuing to use your own pricing spreadsheet for that matter.


Here are three strikes against using our free screen printing pricing spreadsheet that we hope will send you running to get our software without ever looking back.

Strike One – Our free spreadsheet demands an in-depth understanding of Excel

Developing simple spreadsheets in Excel is not too difficult, but using a tricked out spreadsheet designed by someone else is quite a challenge. You say you’re pretty darn good with Excel and you really like free? Then keep reading.


However, if you’d rather get a root canal than revisit once again trying to figure out Excel, you can take that task off of your to do list for ever.


That’s right. Our Fast Accurate Bids software is not built on a spreadsheet. It’s a Windows PC software program that’s easy to use and quick to set up for your shop. If you are comfortable using computers in general, you’ll find using Fast Accurate Bids easy and quick to learn. And folks, Fast Accurate Bids does come with documentation. We provide both manuals and online help and free customer support.

Strike Two – Our free spreadsheet makes doing bids slow and tedious

Doing bids using our spreadsheet takes about 45 minutes per bid. Believe me, I know, I used to work as an outside sales rep for Bellingham Screen Printing and I’ve created hundreds of bids using the very same spreadsheet…and spent hundreds of hours doing them. In fact, sure wish I could have those hours back.


The time sink of doing bids, especially on the weekends, was my main motivator for developing Fast Accurate Bids. I was determined to find a way to give screen printers their evenings and weekends back and Fast Accurate Bids can do just that.


In fact, Fast Accurate Bids can do bids in less than two minutes each. Take a look at our videos and see for yourself. Fast Accurate Bids can create any type of screen printing bid format that you like to use, and it can do even complex bids in less than two minutes each.

Imagine even 30 minutes per bid times 20 bids per week. That’s a full 10 hours per week just for doing bids…if you use a spreadsheet. Now, imagine two minutes per bid times 20 bids per week. That comes to 40 minutes….if you use Fast Accurate Bids. When you factor in your time, which approach is a better choice? The spreadsheet is free, but time is money and when you factor in time, continuing to use a spreadsheet for screen printing bids, even when it’s “free” is way too expensive to even consider.

Strike Three – Changing pricing needs to be done manually

Changing the pricing on the spreadsheet needs to be done manually. This can be tricky if you’re not a pro with Excel and a downright disaster if you don’t remember to change it back again.


Changing the pricing on Fast Accurate Bids is as simple as choosing alternate pricing from a drop-down menu. Our software comes with five levels of built-in pricing that can be changed by simply choosing among them from a drop-down menu. Even better, you will be able to easily set up the pricing for Fast Accurate Bids to match your pricing policies. In fact, we’re willing to help you do this. It’s part of our free customer support.

Moreover, with Fast Accurate Bids, because the price settings are separate from the calculations, you can rest assured that the bids will be consistent whether you create them or they are done by one or more people on your staff.


Still want a free screen printing pricing spreadsheet?

By all means be our guest, here’s another download link – screen printing pricing spreadsheet. Feel free to use it for as long as you want. But, hey, here’s the free deal to really pay attention to, here’s a link to try our Fast Accurate Bids for free for 30 days. If you’re not already convinced about the value of Fast Accurate Bids, try them both and you can decide for yourself.

In my opinion, it’s not about a free spreadsheet or a free trial, it’s about freeing up your time that’s the big deal when it comes to customer bids.