Types of Bids

Standard Bids

The Standard bid is the most common type of bid.

The customer wants 48 shirts printed 2 colors on the front, or 60 shirts, or 100 shirts, and maybe 2 colors on the front and 1 color on the back.

But they will pick only one quantity of shirts and one decoration for all the shirts.

With Fast Accurate Bids, this is easy and quick. And with the total price with tax, your customer can make an informed decision.

Standard bids present an assortment of choices so the customer can choose one. For example, a standard bid might offer a choice of quantities (24, 36, 48), or a choice of garments (good, better, best) to allow the customer to select the one that is the best match for he wants. Standard bids show the price per item and don’t provide a totals row since the underlying assumption is that the customer will only select one of the options offered by the bid.

Here is the same bid customized on the Line Item Page.

Simple one item bids

Or a range of quantities of items in a bid

24, 36 and 48 shirts with one color front AND 24, 36 and 48 shirts with one color front and one color back

A quick embroidery bid with one item

Or embroidery on different quantities of items, with total price to the customer on the bid

Or give your customer a choice of price points, using different items with the same decorations

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