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Supplier price file download instructions are on the Choose Item Page

Update SanMar Price List

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American Apparel is no longer taking wholesale orders, but for sale at alphabroder.

How often to update price lists on the Choose Item Page?

Sale prices from suppliers in the Fast Accurate Bids price lists on the Choose Item Page?

How to use sale prices from suppliers in the bids?

“Supplier connector” is the generic name for the programs included in Fast Accurate Bids that let you update the electronic pricing files available from your wholesale suppliers. This set of programs is built into the software and can only be used from the Fast Accurate Bids Choose Item Page.


Performing the initial update of your supplier prices and keeping your pricing files current is an important step in ensuring that your bids are accurate. Fast Accurate Bids provides step-by-step instructions in the section called Updating supplier pricing files in this manual, and supplier-specific instructions in the online help within the Fast Accurate Bids software.

There is a display field in the Find Supplier Item area of the Choose Item Page that displays how long it’s been since you last updated the currently selected supplier’s pricing file.

How often to update price lists on the Choose Item Page?

Once a week, the suppliers are adding new items all the time. so you will have the newest items and the must recent prices.

Some suppliers update weekly, some every 6 months or so. It only takes a few minutes to update, and is worth taking the time to update.

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The table that follows provides brief instructions on where to look on the supplier websites to access the link for downloading their pricing file and the selection choices to make to get the correct data for the Fast Accurate Bids supplier connector.

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Are supplier sale prices on the Choose Item Page?

No, the appeal suppliers do NOT include the sale prices in their downloaded price lists, they only have the sale prices on their websites.

The price lists on the supplier websites are long term prices, where the sale prices are temporary.

Note: Unless you know that your client is going to place the order while the items are on sale, it is a good idea to use the regular price for the item. Using the item sale price in a bid and when the order comes in, the sale price is over this could eliminate any profit on the job.

The Importance of up-to-date apparel pricing

Keeping your apparel pricing up-to-date is important to the accuracy of your apparel decoration bids.  It’s true that wholesale apparel prices don’t roller-coaster up and down the way they did a few years ago when cotton shortages sent prices through the roof.  However, the prices do still move up and down, and customers can be fickle. They shop around.  Screen printing customers, in particular, are notorious for jumping ship when they can get their printing done for even a nickel less per shirt.


This is the reason that Fast Accurate Bids provides a means for you to update your pricing as frequently as you want.  In addition to keeping your apparel decoration prices current, updating the pricing also assures that you have the most current set of items to choose from.


Helping a customer update their pricing file


A customer who’s been using Fast Accurate Bids for well over a year called this week to get help on updating their SanMar pricing.  In their defense, they’re a fairly new embroidery company and have lots of things to learn and procedures to put in place to get their shop running as efficiently as they’d like.  We’re under no illusion that Fact Accurate Bids is the topmost concern for anyone other than ourselves!


So, I was happy to hear from them when they wanted to address updating their pricing files, and I was happy help.  Our customer support is free and we genuinely want everyone to get the most value out of Fast Accurate Bids.  Also, I have to say that I enjoy talking to our customers.  We’re equally as much apparel decorators as we are software folks.  Talking to our customers is one of the ways we learn what people like about Fast Accurate Bids and what additional features they’d like to have.


How to update the apparel pricing files


So, if it’s been awhile since you’ve updated your Fast Accurate Bids pricing files, here’s how.  Go to the Fast Accurate Bids Choose Item Page and click on the button with the big red truck on it.  This will take you out to the supplier’s website to download the pricing file.  Once it’s downloaded, close the webpage and click the Fast Accurate Bids Finish button. It’s that simple. The software will take care of the rest and let you know when the process is complete.


If this explanation is a little brief, you can find detailed documentation on the pricing update process in both the Settings Page online help and in the Fast Accurate Bids Shop Owner’s Manual.  Also, like our embroidery customer, you are welcome to call and we can talk you through it.  The whole update process only takes a minute or two to do once you’re familiar with how it works.


Update SanMar Price List

Update alphaborder Price List

Update OTTO Cap Price List