Types of Bids and Customized Looks

The three basic types of bids are Standard Bids, Itemized Bids and Mixed Item Bids.


Fast Accurate Bids lets you create any type of bid that you want. You have control over setting up the line items in the way that you feel best communicates your pricing to your customers and you can edit the Word file that provides the explanation of the bid to provide whatever additional information that you want.

A bid is made up of:

  • Items (shirt, sweatshirt, tote bag, jacket, anything)
  • Item Quantity and/or Project Quantity (how many items in the bid's line item and the total items in the final bid)
  • Decorations (screen printing, embroidery, DTG, vinyl, etc)
  • Pricing System, Pricing Profile


The Pricing Profile settings combine these elements into a finished Line Item price. Change any of these elements and the bid will change, giving you complete control over your bids.

Types of bids Fast Accurate Bids can create...

Standard Bids

More information on Standard Bids

The most common type of bids. Each line is for the complete job, the buyer only picks one line from the list.

The customer is going to order a certain number of items, 24 shirts, or 36 shirts, or 48 shirts, and these might have printing on the front and/or printing on the back. The total cost of the project most of the time determines what number of items and what decorations goes on the job.


Standard Bids have an assortment of choices so the customer can choose one.

For example, a standard bid might offer a choice of quantities (24, 36, 48), or a choice of garments (for example, good, better, best) to allow the customer to select the one that is the best match for he wants. Standard bids show the price per item and don’t provide a totals row since the underlying assumption is that the customer will only select one of the options offered by the bid.

The final order from the client, will be to pick just one of the lines, in this line item list.

There is a range of totals for the client to see and based on the client's needs and budget, they will pick on.

Itemized Bids

More information on Itemized Bids

Itemized Bids - shows the pricing for each of the components of an apparel decoration job as opposed to standard bids and mixed item bids which show inclusive pricing. For example, an itemized bid for embroidery might show the price for the undecorated garment, the digitizing, and the embroidery. Itemized bids often show both a total price per item and total price for the job.

This bid has 100 black shirts printed 3 colors on the front and 2 colors on the back. The 1st line is the shirt without any decorations, 2nd line is for printing only on the front, 3rd line is for the 3 front screens, 4th line is for the 2 color print on the back and the 5th line is for the 2 back screens. The price for each item and the total for the project is on the last line.

Mixed Item Bids

More information on Mixed Item Bids

Mixed item bids have a total number of items, and there are different items and/or different decorations.

Mixed Item Bid – is a bid that presents an assortment of items that will receive the same decoration. For example, a mixed item bid might offer the pricing for placing the same image on 100 T-Shirts, 25 sweatshirts, and 25 hoodies. Mixed item bids show the price per item and can optionally have a totals row as well to show the total number of items and the total price for the job.

Embroidery Bids, every cost itemized out.

More information on Embroidery bids

Customizing Bids

More information on Customizing Bids

The Line Items Page bid layout can easily be changed to meet your client's needs.


Move rows up and down, hide columns, move columns, add descriptions, and many more features.

Same Bid, with some columns hidden and the order of columns changed to make easier to read.

To customize the Line Item Page, right click on the column you want to hide